Answer Hindus: Novel Divided Together 2104

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How can you talk with people who believe in different planes of existence, karma, reincarnation, and being one with the universe?

These ideas have become increasingly prominent in western culture coming from Hinduism in India. 

This mystery novel has the Christian criminologist Farhan paired with a Hindu criminologist named Sai Das. They battle white-collar criminals while they discuss their differing beliefs during brainstorming sessions.

In A.D. 2104 America, the country has shifted from the influence of atheism to Hinduism or Higher Consciousness religion. This novel is the third in the Farhan Trilogy, which begins with Divided Together 2084 and continues with Divided Together 2094. However, all three stand by themselves as mystery novels with Farhan as the only connecting link.  

This fellow could be a Hindu from India, but the Hindu in the novel is a lot younger.

Your Christian faith will get stronger with the religious discussions as you enjoy the suspense of Farhan and Sai’s investigations of financial crimes against citizens, voter crimes, and scams against the government.

Please ask any questions you may have without asking about the novel’s plot, of course.

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