Are God and the Force the same?

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As I write this post, we’re just past the Christmas holiday. On our family vacation, I saw the last Star Wars movie with my son. I said to him, “As I see it, the fatal flaw with pantheism is that evil is part of it.” I went on to say, “The dark side of the Force in Star Wars is part of it, not separate from it. Such a belief is similar to Hinduism, American New Age, and Higher Consciousness thought.”


Later, I repeated my concern to my granddaughter, who has watched all nine of the Star Wars movies without discerning what the Force is. She objected until her father, my son, backed me up.


Today, when I was swimming in the indoor pool, I talked with a young fellow who has identified me with Bruce Wayne of Batman fame. I asked if he had seen the newest Star Wars movie, but he said he hadn’t. His grandmother was there with him. As I talked with her, I explained my reservations about Star Wars and that last movie.


However, I went on to tell her the good aspects of the movies. For example, in the ninth one, the good young woman shows grace to the bad young man, and the theme of most of the movies is weak good overcoming strong evil. Both of these ideas are also prominent in the Bible. For these reasons, I find watching those movies worthwhile because I find parallels between them and God’s Word.


As a believer in the 3-in-1 God of the Bible, to have evil as part of God is very unacceptable. Evil is separate from God, who will complete his defeat of its power when Jesus returns.


Why does it make a difference who God is? It makes all the difference. One reason is that if we choose the wrong God, we will lose out on eternal joy and perfection after we die. Another reason is that we will lose out on many blessings in this life.


God is three Persons–Father,  Jesus, and Spirit–in one God as he reveals himself in the Bible, God’s Word. I invite your comments and differing ideas for a respectful conversation.

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