Believing Is Seeing!

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Is seeing always believing? When I sit to eat meals at my condo’s front window with the blinds down, I look through the opening between two blinds and move my head from side to side. I see six windows together in the house across the street. I also see two smaller trees next to the curb and two larger trees near the last condo across our court. On Mondays, I see four garbage bins in front of that same condo. However, divide those numbers in half for true reality. So you see that seeing isn’t always believing.

In my examples above, reality doesn’t match my sight. Many people say that they can’t believe in God because they can’t see him. First, you can’t see the wind, but you can see what the wind does. Thus, it’s a safe assumption that the wind exists. We see the effects of God’s maintenance of the universe every day. 

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Second, it’s true that we can’t see God directly. The reason is that God is perfect, but we’re not. Some day believers in him will be perfect and thus able to see him with perfect eyes in perfect bodies that will never die.

Third, in a very real sense, God has become visible in Jesus Christ, who is “God in a bod,” as Andy Stanley has said. Jesus is fully human and fully God. If you wonder about God’s existence because you can’t see him, read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, especially John, who emphasizes Jesus as God with the Father and the Spirit.  

Fourth, we also can’t see God except for Jesus because God is spirit, not flesh and blood. He lives in a spiritual, not physical, place called heaven, where believers’ souls go when they die. Some day Jesus will return to remake this decaying universe into a new, perfect universe where true believers will live forever. 

If you know people who doubt God’s active involvement in life, give them my life-story What God Has Done.

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