Deal With Atheism: Divided Together 2094

How would Christians be able to survive and thrive in a majority atheist culture? In the second mystery novel of the Farhan Trilogy, Divided Together 2094, Farhan’s family moves back to the USA (Indianapolis). He teaches criminology at the local university and consults with the Indy police.

How would you answer atheists’ objections to the Christian faith and overcome the temptations of an atheist culture? Find out how Farhan’s family does it.

Go with Farhan and the atheist police as they investigate violent terrorism, bank robberies, and bombings. Enjoy the suspense of investigations and trials to determine the guilt or innocence of defendants in such crimes. 

Meanwhile, enjoy Farhan’s family as they gather for evening meals and do surprising weekend outings that at times become relevant to Farhan’s work. See how they deal with the aggressive atheism of A.D. 2094.

I invite your responses.

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