Find Inner Peace: A Pathway to Permanent Peace

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Do you want to experience emotional peace that lasts?

Are you willing to put in the effort to gain that peace like running a marathon, not walking around a block?

In this devotional Bible study, I share with you the insights that God has given me about the use of prayer to result in peaceful forgiveness for God and people. The method can be used for new issues that develop as well.

Many people suffer from depression, which is often “anger turned inward,” a statement often attributed to Sigmund Freud. This study helps us understand his idea from a biblical perspective and from my experience of major depression for seven years.

Read more about my seven years of major depression in my God-biography, What God Has Done

The important thing is to get in the race rather than being a spectator in the stands. But this marathon doesn’t require months of training. You can run it as soon as you pick up the book. However, the effort is in persevering to the finish line, after which God gives peace. 

Just as with many European marathons, we have ten refreshment stations along our grueling route for the Holy Spirit to provide his living water and Jesus to be our Bread of life to refresh us. 

A Pathway to Permanent Peace shows you God’s way to his peace, not the human way. Then, as long as we continue to focus on the 3-in-1 God, he gives us permanent peace for the issues that bother us. Let’s run that race together. I welcome your response.

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