Find Out God’s Involvement in an Author’s Life

Do you want ways to overcome sinful actions, decisions, emotions, or thinking in your own life or for your loved ones? My dramatic life shows you ways to be God’s winner over such poor choices. 

The title of What God Has Done is my update of Samuel Morris’ first words when his telegraph worked as it went over several miles for the first time, “What God hath wrought!” I call it my “God-biography” because it describes the abundance of events that point to God as their Source during the first seventy-eight years of my life! See if you can agree. 

My increase in stress literally began in my mother’s womb and continued through bullies’ work on me, my immorality, our second son’s death, my major depression, our many moves, my wife’s sudden death, and other struggles along the way. You will see how God was at work throughout my life.

I know that you will learn new ways to deal with the stressful events in your life by journeying with Jesus as he guides us through my God-biography. I invite your response. 

My uncomfortable mugshot on our Alaska cruise on formal night before I grew a full, gray beard

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