Spiritual Self-Care Resources

Hi! I’m Bruce Leiter the Writer, retired English teacher, sales manager, outside editor, and pastor. Now, God has made me a published author in both nonfiction and fiction, since traditional publishers have accepted my books of both kinds. All my books are parts of the spiritual journey that Christians can follow to know God better. My purpose is to provide you with self-care by growing your faith in God. 

The following books (pictured above with links to more information and sources where you can obtain them) describe my two nonfiction books, four novels, and six devotional Bible studies that try to help you grow to know God better. All books have a generous amount of humor. The book titles are also links to enable you to obtain the books you want. Check back often for additions. 

Two Nonfictional Books

From the womb but not to the tomb yet: Come along with me on my amazing life’s ride through the ups and downs of unbelief, belief, tragedies, triumphs, and fifty-six years of married life–all during the first 78 years of my life. 

Learn how God helped me control my stress, experience inner peace, overcome major depression, decrease my anger and anxiety, and be an eternal blessing to people as a pastor.  

During one week of the politically-heated 2020 presidential campaign, I felt that I should write a book applying the list of eleven kinds of media bias from allsides.com to the main news sources’ presentations of political news.


Discover and learn to sort out media bias from the news in your news sources to be able to get the news and avoid the bias. As a result, you can decide for yourself what you think of the news instead of being influenced by the bias of analysts and reporters. 

Four Fictional Books, including a Mystery Trilogy

Doubtbusters! God Is My Shrink! (temporarily out-of-print; it will return)

This unusual novel, my first book, has the real, nonfictional me befriending two fictional, thirty-something skeptics, Joe Smith and Holly Holmes.

Go with us on an adventure during which we meet in a local indoor pool’s hot tub, share our ideas and lives, experience the ups and downs of growing friendship, and have lasting results.

In an A.D. 2084, fictional Muslim land, criminologists Farhan, a Christian, and Akilah, a Muslim, team up to fight serial killers and other violent criminals, while discussing their differing beliefs during their brainstorming sessions. This novel celebrates the true God of justice with a very good case for Christian beliefs.

Strengthen your faith while enjoying the suspense of criminal cases. Each novel stands on its own.

In this mystery novel, Farhan and his family move to the States (Indianapolis) to teach criminology at the local university, consult for the Indy police, and investigate very violent crimes with atheist partners, since in A.D. 2094, the USA has become majority atheist. His partners and he discuss their faith and unfaith.

The family’s meals and outings that are surprisingly relevant. Strengthen your faith in contrast to atheism.

While the atheist influence fades during the next ten years, the Higher Consciousness or Hindu influence has affected the U.S. culture. Farhan and his Hindu partner investigate and try to bring to justice white-collar criminals, who perpetrate financial scams against Indy citizens and government, including voter fraud.

The Christian family continues their evening meals and interesting weekend outings.  

Six Nonfictional Devotional Bible Studies

If you’re growing older, as we all are, this Bible study will help you prepare for old age. Also, if you are in that time of life, as I am, it will ease the struggle with ten temptations that get stronger for us.

We can laugh with each other as (potential) older people with many jokes and do serious Bible study to find out how Jesus’ victory can help us overcome Satan’s temptations in old age.

It’s easy for us to play or watch sports, for example, without any thoughts about God because Christians generally don’t object. However, God in his Word, the Bible, has different ideas about our pleasure time.

How can we adjust our fun to God’s thinking? You see, we will all give account with what we did with our fun and every other aspect of our lives to God when Jesus returns. This devotional Bible study will help you and your loved ones play God’s way. Groups will gain a lot of benefit from the discussion questions. 

How can we overcome the influence of the secular culture around us. Secularism attempts to get us to leave God out of our daily lives. 

On the other hand, God wants to be involved in every part of our lives, including our conversations and every activity. Find out God’s way to overcome the secular influence through Jesus by the Spirit’s power. 

How many false gods in your culture can you name? In my many years as a teacher, sales manager, pastor, and author, I have observed 31 separate ideas in the culture around me that Satan uses to tempt and influence Christians.

In using this book, you will be able to identify the false gods that are only front-gods for the devil and that try to make your Christian ineffective in God’s service. You will be able to overcome them in God’s strength.   

How badly do you want inner, emotional peace from the anger and anxieties of your life? I invite you to join me and other Christians in a marathon race toward that goal. 

In European marathon races, they place ten refreshment stations throughout a marathon to give water and food to marathoners. In our race, God provides his Word and the Holy Spirit as “food and water” to refresh us. 

Bruce Leiter and Jason Q. Dillon co-authored this devotional Bible study to help you discover whether or not you have true faith and how your faith can grow to trust Jesus more and more.

The meaning of the word “faith” may seem easy to understand. We intentionally keep our writing easy to grasp, but the way faith grows is sometimes hard because it involves life changes. See how you can gain more.

Our ministry will be adding more books and other media in the future. For example, Audible is in the final stages of approving one of the books as an audiobook narrated by me, Bruce Leiter. Come back often.