News Tries to Control You: Be Equipped to Evaluate It

Do you want to be able to sort the media bias out of your news sources? Do you have a feeling the news is slanted for or against certain politicians or parties? 

Bruce Leiter is perhaps uniquely equipped to help you objectively examine the news with a discerning eye. He was an English teacher with an English master’s degree and a pastor before becoming a published author in both fiction and nonfiction.  

Here he is during a very uncomfortable Alaska cruise formal night.

Bruce wrote News Tries to Control You after researching it during a few late-September days in the middle of the heated 2020 election campaign. However, though the book’s multitude of examples are from that time, the book will help you discover media bias any time. 

The book will give the tools you need to discern the emotional content (connotation) of words in addition to the literal meanings so that you can avoid being emotionally swayed by the writers without realizing it. 

Bruce contrasts nine evening news broadcasts, all at 6:00 P.M. on the same day, with eleven kinds of media bias. He also examines primetime news, fact-checkers, and opinion polls along with their claims to be objective. News Tries to Control You will help you be objective about the news and avoid its influences.  

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