Is God’s love Unconditional?

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If you have ever experienced a fierce thunderstorm with a lot of lightning, you know its power. If you escaped a lightning strike, why did you survive its might?

Well, the Bible says that God created everything including that storm. He allows but doesn’t cause the damage that tornadoes create. Why does he? He wants his wandering creation to return to him and has to get our attention.

When God protects you from the violence and power of such a storm, did you deserve to escape its destruction? Of course not. No one deserves God’s protection. As the all-powerful Creator, his love for his creatures is unconditional. He protects both believer and unbeliever.

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Is the food on your table an evidence of God’s unconditional love? Yes. God gave you the health and abilities you have so that you can earn the income you need to buy that food. He also blessed your work–all because of his unconditional love. How can we not love him? 

The God of the Bible never expects us to earn or measure up to his unconditional love so that he will show his unconditional love to us, which has no strings attached. Just believe and accept his grace, that is, his unearned acceptance, another way of describing his unconditional love that sent Jesus to die in order earn God’s unconditional love for us.  

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You just have to trust in Jesus’ death and resurrection as God’s Ticket to get into heaven. Then, he will use Jesus’ gift of new life through his coming back to life to enable you to begin showing unconditional love to people near you. I welcome your response.

At the top are three crosses with Jesus' cross in the middle. His death led to his resurrection, his coming alive to escape the tomb (bottom).

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