Knowing God and John’s Gospel (10)

Here in  the USA and in Canada, we just celebrated our freedoms as countries on July 1 and 4. If you’re a Christian, Jesus’ death and resurrection have given you much-more-lasting freedom. That liberty is freedom FROM Satan’s dominating rule TO God’s tender and tough guidance as your adoptive Father, whom you follow willingly, thankfully, and lovingly. There is no such thing as full freedom; either we are slaves to Satan or sons and daughters of God.     

Like the Jesus-statue in Rio De Janeiro, this cloud-Jesus looks over the city of Miami, Florida. I hope they look at it trusting in him.

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Doubting Thomas says to Jesus when he sees the nail scars on Jesus’ resurrected body, “My Lord and my God,” thus recognizing that Jesus is God. Then, Jesus basically says that Thomas is blessed to see him permanently alive after being dead and that God’s blessing comes to those who believe in him even though they haven’t.  

After Jesus has appeared several times to his followers following his resurrection, they go back to their homes in Galilee. One day Peter tells the others that he will go fishing. They follow and work all night but catch nothing. As they’re approaching the Lake of Galilee’s shore, someone on land calls them to throw the nets on the other side of the boat. They do so and catch so many fish (153) that the nets can hardly contain them.

The Apostle John says to Peter, “It is the Lord!” Peter dives into water and swims toward Jesus, who has prepared breakfast for them with broiled fish and bread. How more certain can you be about Jesus’ rising from death than when he eats breakfast with you?   

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