Knowing God and John’s Gospel (2)

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Jesus returned to his divine radiance in heaven after he rose from the dead and revealed himself many times to his followers.

John says in chapter one of his description of Jesus’ ministry, that he and Jesus’ other followers have seen Jesus’ glory. What is it? It is the bright brilliance of God’s presence in heaven. He has shown that brightly-shining glory in a pillar of fire to Israel as they wandered for forty years in the desert, to Moses earlier on Mt. Sinai when he gave him the divine laws, and to Paul on the road to Damascus so that he became briefly blind. 

The cross is an example of Jesus' glory. Why?

However, in John’s gospel, Jesus’ glory shows his deity most of all when he bleeds, suffers, and dies on the Romans’ torture instrument, a suffocating, painful, and embaarrassing experience. It was Jesus’ glory because it was the ultimate in willing self-sacrifice for believers. He was able to die because he was fully human.   

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In addition, Jesus’ divine glory showed in his many appearances after his coming back to life so that that event is clearly historical because of all the eyewitnesses’ accounts, one of which is John’s book. 

“Jesus is risen.” “He is risen indeed!” is a true statement and response given by many Christians on Easter Sunday. Since Jesus is alive today, he calls us to have faith in God stronger and stronger. Click on this link.

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