Knowing God and John’s Gospel (5)

Many people think that Jesus was a good man who taught people well. However, the problem with that description of Jesus is that he claims to be God. For example, in John 8:58, he says in his discussion with the people, “I and the Father are one.” The people know what he is claiming because they pick up stones to kill him for blasphemy, that is, claiming he is God with the Father.   

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We have two choices when we hear someone’s claim that they’re God. Either they’re God or they need a lot of psychological help in a mental hospital, not that they should be teaching people their ideology. If Jesus’ claim that he is God is true, we should find a lot of proof that he is. First, the Old Testament prophets have predicted his coming, death, and resurrection. That’s pretty impressive proof. 

Second, he did many amazing miracles, even raising people from the dead. That’s very impressive proof.

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Third, he predicts several times that when he goes to the Passover Feast in Jerusalem, he would be killed and on the third day rise again. His predictions come true exactly as he has said.

Fourth, most importantly, he did indeed come back to permanent life. How do we know? Hundreds of eyewitnesses see him, touch his wounds from the nails on the cross, and eat a meal with him. Those eyewitnesses hold onto their testimonies even to suffering and death without denying them. You can’t get better eyewitnesses of historical events. Therefore, Jesus has proved that his claims are true. Let’s talk. 

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