Knowing God and John’s Gospel (8)

This is an artist's representation of what Jesus might have looked like. However, he was also fully God, who was hidden in his body.

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As we have seen in the first seven blogposts, not only does Jesus claim to be God several times, but he confirms those claims with amazing miracles. 

The next big event for Jesus is his entrance into Jerusalem with the crowd cheering him on Palm Sunday. Then, the scene shifts to the Upper Room, where Jesus washes his closest followers’ feet before the Passover meal and celebration. He washes their feet (John 13) by acting the way a servant would, thus showing them the need to serve one another humbly. 

The ultimate way Jesus serves them and us is by suffering and dying to pay our great debt to God.

Pontius Pilate handed Jesus over to be flogged first; Roman soldiers were notorious for their savage brutality in punishing prisoners.

Then, though Politician Pilate finds no reason to have Jesus crucified, he bows to the crowd’s wishes and sends Jesus to a hill outside Jerusalem to be nailed to a wooden cross-piece mounted on a pole, called a cross.

With Jesus’ flogging and crucifixion, he sheds a lot of blood. In the Bible, human blood stands for our life. In the Old Testament, the people of Israel have brought and slaughtered animals to represent God’s forgiveness.

The reason is that animals’ blood in death has substituted for humans’ deaths as they hope for the Messiah. 

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