Knowing God and John’s Gospel (1)

The Apostle John says a lot about faith in God and our love for God in response to God’s love for us. But, first, he makes clear as much as is humanly possible the relationship among two of the three Persons of God.

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John starts his gospel by echoing the beginning of Genesis, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” His words are very mysterious, aren’t they? However, it’s clear in the rest of the Bible’s teachings that God guided John to write these words. This amazing mystery shows that God is God, and I’m not. As a result, my puny mind can’t fully comprehend him. I accept the mystery that the future Jesus and the Father are both God and yet one God, as John says.

John continues his deep description by saying that the future Jesus was the Agent who followed the Father’s will to create the universe. Here, we have the teaching that the Father is the Source of creation and of believers’ rescue, Jesus is the Agent of both actions, while the Holy Spirit is the direct Cause of them (John 14, 15, and 16).

God dwells in heaven and in all his universe, but heaven is a spiritual, not physical, place, not like this castle in the sky.

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Then, in John 1:14, the apostle makes an even-more-mysterious but inspired statement, “And the Word became flesh and dwelled for a while among us, and we saw his glory….” Wow! Throughout the whole book, Jesus tells us that he “came down from heaven.” He claims to be God in flesh and bone–fully God and human!

To show God's glory
Just as it's impossible for humans to know all about the vast universe, so we can't fully comprehend God as three Persons in one God.

I invite your responses about the awesome 3-in-1 God, Creator of the universe and Rescuer of his people.

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