Knowing God

When I was young, I thought that God was unknowable, especially when he didn’t answer my prayers. He seemed to be on a par with Santa Claus, at least when I found out that Santa was a myth. Can anyone really know God, or is he a figment of people’s imagination like Santa?

You probably already know my take on God, which I have expressed in the rest of my blogposts. I believe that he is knowable. In fact, I know him and wish everyone could know him too.

Why? My reason is very simple. Knowing God gives me a deep-down satisfaction and security. It’s very different from knowing facts about God. It’s more like the experiences of Adam and Eve when they walked and talked with God in the Garden of Eden before their selfish rebellion against him.


We can know about God's great power through the order and beauty of his universe, but that knowledge isn't the same as knowing him.

First, we need to understand that the true God is a personal, spiritual God who wants to have a personal relationship with us. He doesn’t NEED that relationship, since he’s not needy in any way. He is one God in three Persons. Those Persons are in perfect harmony and enjoy genuine commitment. Amazingly, he wants to extend his relationship to us who have given our lives to him. In that way, you can know him, not sexually or romantically but spiritually. Human joy is only a tiny reflection of the constant, deep joy that God offers us.

Second, knowing God begins with his adoption of us. That kind of adoption doesn’t happen because we are God, the way some people think. But a spiritual God chooses to make a personal relationship with us by giving us his gift of faith in Jesus Christ, who then becomes our Brother, since he is both human and divine.

Third, how can we become God’s children? The answer lies in Genesis 1, where the inspired writer says that God made humans in his image and likeness (verses 26-28). That is, we are like him in some ways without being God. It is exactly in this way that Jesus as fully God and fully human bridged the gap between imperfect humans and the perfect God. It is because Jesus lived a perfect life, died as our Substitute, and came back to permanent life that we can become God’s adopted children when we trust in him as the only Path to Paradise. I would enjoy answering your questions and sharing personal stories with you.

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