Overcome Doubts: Doubtbusters! God Is My Shrink!

If you want more-in-depth knowledge about how to have more faith in God, go to my spiritual self-care page.

When you read my book Doubtbusters! God is My Shrink! God will help you “bust” your doubts and overcome your anger and anxiety about life.

I as myself, a retired pastor, befriend two thirty-something fictional skeptics, who also frequent a hot tub at the pool where I swim in a fictional Iowa town.

Together we unlikely threesome go on a “journey” together while experiencing sad and glad events.

Joe experiences doubt because of his upbringing, while Holly doubts God due to her church experiences.

If you know people who doubt that God is active in daily life, give them my life-story What God Has Done.

Amazon says Doubtbuster‘s out-of-stock but will be ordering more with people’s orders. You will learn a lot about God during the adventure in the book with a thrilling, astounding conclusion that actually happened between my 81-year-old friend and me! I welcome your ideas.

If you know people who doubt God’s active existence? Give them my book What God Has Done about my life. 

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