Overcome Doubts: Doubtbusters! God Is My Shrink!

When you read my book Doubtbusters! God is My Shrink! God will help you “bust” your doubts and overcome your anger and anxiety about life.

I as myself, a retired pastor, befriend two thirty-something fictional skeptics, who also frequent a hot tub at the pool where I swim in a fictional Iowa town.

Together we unlikely threesome go on a “journey’ together while experiencing sad and glad events.

Joe Smith experiences doubt because of his upbringing, while Holly Holmes doubts God due to her church experiences.

Amazon says it’s out-of-stock but will be ordering more with people’s orders. You will learn a lot about God during the adventure in the book with a thrilling, astounding conclusion that actually happened between my 81-year-old friend and me! I welcome your ideas.

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