Spiritual-Growth Resources


I’m Bruce Leiter, a retired pastor, published author, and founder of Growing To Know God Media. Below are summaries of my writings and other media. Click on each title for more information.

I pray that you will enjoy the humor and seriousness of all my books. We will continue adding more as God guides us.

Our journey with Jesus
Christians are on a hike, with Jesus as our guide.


  • Do you want to be able to sort media bias out of your news sources? Do you want tools to overcome the influences of the news media on your emotions? 
  • This book covers a few days in late September, 2020, of the political news in many news sources in the middle of the presidential campaign. This book will help you overcome the influences of the news media on you anytime. 


  • This novel will strengthen your faith and decrease your doubts. In it, learn about my unusual reasons for believing in God, as I share them with two fictional, thirty-something skeptics, Joe and Holly.
  • Rejoice with me as I share my true, dramatic spiritual experiences. God healed me from a major, seven-year depression and from five years of daily migraines. He also gave me permanent peace about three kinds of chronic physical pain. 
  • Enjoy a clean romance while you experience a suspenseful, thrilling murder-mystery in which a Muslim and a Christian fight serial killers and terrorists in a fictional Muslim country in A.D. 2084.
  • Your thinking will be stimulated as you read discussions between Christian Farhan and his Muslim partner that are about the differing beliefs that motivate them to protect life and seek justice.
  • Learn new reasons for believing in the God of the Bible, whether you are approaching from a Christian or a skeptical position.
The rising sun and the coming of a dove symbolize God's blessing on a Christian family in a "foreign" culture.
  • How can a Christian family live in an atheistic culture?      
  • Ten years after the previous novel, Farhan, Shirley, and his two children, Matt and Mary, move to Indianapolis, where Farhan teaches as a full professor and does consultant work for the police department. He is paired up with an atheistic detective.
  • Atheists have taken over the political power in the United States government. The culture is mostly atheistic.    

Devotional Bible studies (the "Step-by-step Bible-study series")

Overcome Modern Idols: Beat 31 False Gods (in Kindle and paperback)

  • Every culture has false gods. In this devotional Bible study, you will discover the false cultural ideas that tempt Christians.
  • You will also learn the ways you can stand against those gods and overcome their influences in your life and the lives of your loved ones.
  • All devotional Bible studies have serious Bible study, group discussion questions, and steps to help you apply the Bible’s teachings to your daily life.
  • In this devotional Bible study, overcome ten real temptations that get stronger as you grow older and your perspective changes.
  • Prepare your feelings and decision-making for growing older focusing more on God’s plan for us as taught in the Bible.
  • Overcome the “Ten Temptations of Old Age” outlined by Dr. Keith Drury.
  • Find out how to have fun God’s way, through Jesus’ victory.
  • God will bless you personally with his insights about how to find your pleasure in him.
  • Learn to rejoice God’s way in the real joys of life.
  • Beneficial for both individual and group Bible study.
  • Experience God’s rescue from the fun-worship of an unbeliever and the fun-idolatry of a new or stagnant Christian.