Be Bolder Growin’ Older

Hi, I’m Bruce. I sincerely hope that this devotional Bible study will help you or a loved one overcome ten real temptations that get stronger as you grow older as well as your fear of those changes.

Type: Devotional Bible study

Description: Biblical explanations that apply passages to your life as you prepare to grow older

Bible study book Be Bolder Growin' Older -- Be Bolder Growin' Older

“Pastor Bruce Leiter is no arm chair theologian or Monday morning quarterback.  This Bible study by Pastor Leiter can help you make sense of some of the difficult things you may have gone through.  And it will help prepare you for what may be coming your way in the future.  I can say that with a certain measure of confidence because that’s what it did for me.”

Rev. Robert Broekema
Pastor and Chaplain

It is devotional because you as an individual can gain a lot of benefit from reading it and following the steps. It is also a Bible study tailored to stimulate group discussions. Therefore, it includes discussion questions at the end of each section.

“Bruce Leiter provides in this book a much-needed resource for exploring the too-often-ignored issues facing us as we grow older. The devotional is biblically based but also very practical in addressing such issues as feelings of worthlessness, abandonment, bitterness, despair, doubt, and death. Each chapter includes helpful discussion questions for group study. The book is uplifting in always pointing us to God's alternatives for those experiences that can defeat us as we age.”
Rev. Gerald Erffmeyer
Retirement facility chaplain

It will prepare your feelings and decision-making for growing older by helping you focus on God and his teachings in the Bible more than your circumstances.

Be Bolder is a warm invitation to rediscover God's love in the sunlight of maturity.

Be Bolder Growin’ Older has humor about the struggles of old age because we identify with the weaknesses we all experience in life. This humor recognizes the weaknesses we all experience as we grow older. We find God’s victory in Jesus to prepare ourselves for the new stages of life as we overcome our fears.

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