Divided Together 2084

Type: Mystery Novel

Style: Funny, Futuristic, Romantic Thriller

In Divided Together 2084, a Muslim and a Christian, both criminology professors, fight serial killers and terrorists in a fictional Muslim country in A.D. 2084, while discussing their differing beliefs that motivate them to seek justice and protect life.

Mystery novel Divided Together 2084 front cover
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Divided Together 2084 has seven qualities:

1. Mysterious

  • I try to keep you guessing with a suspenseful, thrilling murder-mystery in which a Muslim and a Christian fight serial killers and terrorists together.
  • I hope that you can guess the main clue and criminal.

2. Romantic

  • I hope you enjoy Divided Together 2084‘s clean romance and also its good friendship.
  • You can take a justice-seeking journey with a Muslim woman, Akilah, and a Christian man, Farhan, as they fight serial killers and terrorists in a fictional Muslim land where they teach criminology at the local university.
  • They also assist police as part of the life-protection task force beginning in A.D. 2084.
  • See both friendly and romantic relationships develop side-by-side.

3. Thoughtful

  • Also, I seek to stimulate your thinking as you read their discussions of their differing beliefs. You can learn from Christian Farhan new reasons for believing in the God of the Bible. Contrasting your beliefs with those of others, including Muslims, helps strengthen your faith in the God of the Bible.
  • In Divided Together 2084, Farhan’s approach to their friendship reveals a non-threatening way to approach people of other faiths. You can click on the title to read more with an opportunity to get it.

4. Humorous

  • My theory about writing books, especially my mystery novels, is that humor should balance seriousness.
  • By reading Divided Together 2084, You can enjoy human and hump-less-camel humor. Discover the good reason for the camel’s hump-less-ness.

5. Dystopian

  • I hope you can empathize with minorities who live in a place where another group is a large majority.
  • In Divided Together 2084, Farhan struggles with some Muslims in his land where he teaches university students and tries to catch criminals.

6. Futuristic:

7. Alternate history

  • Let’s see together what changes in past events could have made Florida into a Muslim country.

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