Pray and Play

Hi, I’m Bruce. My devotional Bible study, Pray and Play, will help you experience pleasure in life God’s way. I show you how to apply many Bible passages to the fun side of life and that of your loved ones. As with all my books, this one has humor. It also has Bible study with thought-provoking discussion questions for groups.

Title: Pray and Play: Dealing with a Fun-Loving Culture

Type: Devotional Bible Study for individuals’ reading and groups’ discussions

Description: Pray and Play helps you apply the Bible to your fun-life in order to help you honor God.

Pray and Play Book Cover
Pray and Play: Dealing with a Fun-Loving Culture

You can experience God’s joy in your pleasure.

Main Ideas of Pray and Play

  • You and your loved ones can enjoy life God’s way by discovering his pleasure principles.
  • In reading,  studying, and discussing my book, you can steer a biblical middle path between complete separation from culture and your culture’s complete control.
  • Learn how to avoid separating God from your life. God will help you avoid pursuing pleasure for its own sake.
This study comes directly from my experience with God. I spent my first sixteen years as a fun-loving unbeliever. Then, after becoming a Christian, I put pleasure alongside of God as an unexamined idol until my first years as a pastor. Finally, God taught me, in a message that I preached from the Bible, how to have fun in a God-pleasing and God-honoring way.
Bruce Leiter, Author
Bruce Leiter

In Pray and Play, you can learn through humor with serious Bible study how to honor God in the following areas:

  1. Food
  2. Drinking alcohol
  3. Playing games
  4. Dancing and movie-going
  5. Watching TV and sports
  6. Reading books
  7. Work and volunteering
  8. Sex
  9. Attending sports and other events
  10. Family events
  11. Participation sports
  12. Electronic devices and the Internet
  13. Hobbies, music, and special interests
  14. Weather
  15. Group worship

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