Who is God? God is Father.

Whether or not our fathers were available when we were growing up, we all had fathers. However, God is very different from earthly fathers. The God revealed in his Bible is the perfect Father. Our earthly fathers were very imperfect. My father was available on the weekends as a traveling salesman and manager. He never perpetrated any physical or emotional abuse on us three boys. But he never disciplined us either. My mother was the opposite as a strict disciplinarian …

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Eye of God Nebula--God has his say in his creation.

How are God and the universe related?

During the present pandemic, I’ve been watching the whole Star Wars series of movies. At this point, I’ve finished episode four, the first one that was made. I’m watching them as research for writing my next novel. I find the emphasis on the Force to be fascinating. For example, the Force has two sides, the Jedi on the good side and the evil, dark side with the Sith and Darth Vader. In Star Wars II, the observation is made that …

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