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How are God and the universe related?

During the present pandemic, I’ve been watching the whole Star Wars series of movies. At this point, I’ve finished episode four, the first one that was made. I’m watching them as research for writing my next novel. I find the emphasis on the Force to be fascinating. For example, the Force has two sides, the Jedi on the good side and the evil, dark side with the Sith and Darth Vader. In Star Wars II, the observation is made that …

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Are God and the Force the same?

As I write this post, we’re just past the Christmas holiday. On our family vacation, I saw the last Star Wars movie with my son. I said to him, “As I see it, the fatal flaw with pantheism is that evil is part of it.” I went on to say, “The dark side of the Force in Star Wars is part of it, not separate from it. Such a belief is similar to Hinduism, American New Age, and Higher Consciousness …

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Who is God compared to the universe?

How did the universe come into being? People have given different answers to this question: One answer is that the whole cosmos has always existed. Another approach is that all of it started spontaneously without any cause. Muslims and Jews believe in a separate Creator who made everything and everyone and requires us to be good enough to enter heaven when we die. Christians believe in the Creator of all, who loves believers unconditionally. Why? They believe that God has …

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