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What does Growing to Know God mean?

Who Is God?

At one time in my life, I didn’t know God. I heard about God, but he seemed very distant. Who is God, and what does he want with me?

The first step in my spiritual journey was learning who God was:

  • Not who other people said God was,
  • Not what I imagined God to be,
  • But who God convinced me he is.

The first section of this blog will delve into the question: “Who is God?”

Who is God?

Who am I?

What is life all about?

How Can I Have A Relationship With God?

Next, I had to learn who I was compared to God. I discovered that I did not live up to God’s standard, which meant my relationship with him had been strained and broken.

But I also learned that God still wanted a relationship with me. His son, Jesus, had died for me, paying for the bad things I had done, so that my relationship with God could be restored. 

I accepted God’s offer to restore our relationship. I decided to follow Jesus. It was strange at first, but wonderful! I didn’t understand it fully, but I knew I wanted it. I learned that God had accepted me and adopted me as his child. What did that mean?

The second section of this blog will address the topic of “How can I have a relationship with God?”

God changed my life!!
He changed my anger into peace.
He changed my unbelief into faith.
He changed my rebellion into joyful obedience.
Bruce Leiter, Author
Bruce Leiter
God's Child

How To Walk With God

Finally, I had to figure out what it meant to follow God and his son Jesus. I learned that when I accepted God’s restoration, he sent his Holy Spirit to be with me and to help me learn about him and his ways.

Over time, I saw big changes in my life. God took away many selfish desires and replaced them with his love. He helped me understand the right way to look at myself and others. My relationship with him slowly grew and I learned to trust him more. While there have still been disappointments in this life, he has carried me through them. He has never let me down!

God gave me a clear call to be a pastor. At first, I avoided that call, but God didn’t give up. After a while, he made me one anyway! Now, looking back, I am very grateful he gave me this life. He has taught me how to walk with him, and has even allowed me to help others walk to with him, too.

Since I began following God, it has been a life-long journey of learning who he is, deepening my understanding of who he is, and learning to trust him more.

The third section of this blog will develop “How to walk with God”

Stick Around!!

Join me in the marathon toward God’s finish line. I’m glad you’re here! I look forward to some good discussions along the way.

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