What is True Faith?

If you want more-in-depth knowledge about how to have more faith in God, check out “Spiritual Resources.

Jason Q. Dillon and Bruce Leiter wrote this devotional Bible study to help you make sure that you have real and growing faith in the only true God. It’s for individuals and discussion groups to help their faith grow. Discussion questions are included for groups.

The authors have included practical steps to help your faith grow. You will learn the proper object of your genuine trust and ways to grow in your faith.

Read about the true, dramatic events of Bruce Leiter’s life in the book What God Has Done, his God-biography.

The authors have also included examples from their personal lives and, as always in Bruce Leiter’s books, a proper amount of humor. After all, God has a sense of humor. 

Click on any of the pictures on this page to get more information and a way to get this important devotional Bible study. Enjoy! You can respond to us here with any questions.

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