Which God is the right one?

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“What difference does it make which God I worship? Aren’t they all the same?”

I have heard questions like this one several times over the years. Here are my answers:

1. All the Gods are different. People’s Gods are either the same as or different from the universe. People can’t worship and serve both the universe and a separate God at the same time.

2. People’s Gods are either many separate Gods or one God. People can’t worship both one God and many separate Gods either.

3. The mysterious Christian God described in the Bible is both one unified God in three Persons, a unique God compared to all the rest of the belief systems.

4. The Hindu God is the same as the universe

5. A number of Buddhists worship Buddha, but many don’t. Generally, Buddhism’s beliefs don’t ask why we are to do good deeds, only how to do them.

6. All other religious beliefs, except for the Christian faith, say that their followers must do a larger number of good than bad actions in order to be blessed after death.

7. Christian beliefs say uniquely that God’s provision of blessedness in this life and after death is a free gift earned by Jesus, who is the God-man, not by us. He gained life that lasts forever and forgiveness for his followers by his perfect life, death as their Substitute, and life from the dead to gain their new life, which then energizes them to worship and serve him.

My point is that if you choose the wrong God, you may lose out in this life and the next. God convinced me of the truths of the numbers three and seven above — and changed my whole life in many ways.

Which God do you think is the right one? You can learn how he convinced me in my last blog post.

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