Who is God? God is Father.

Whether or not our fathers were available when we were growing up, we all had fathers. However, God is very different from earthly fathers.

The God revealed in his Bible is the perfect Father. Our earthly fathers were very imperfect.

My father was available on the weekends as a traveling salesman and manager. He never perpetrated any physical or emotional abuse on us three boys. But he never disciplined us either. My mother was the opposite as a strict disciplinarian whose discipline we hardly ever understood.

I wish my father had set limits for us boys and disciplined us when we got outside of them. Instead, mom would say that the boys shouldn’t be doing this or that. He just said that we would learn it on our own.


God is a Mystery! He is the only true God, who is three Persons in one God. We as creatures can't figure him out when we use our reason.

When we trust in our Father’s unique Son, Jesus Christ, God the Father adopts us as his own children. Jesus accomplished that possibility by taking God the Father’s punishment of separation from the Father on himself willingly, because he and the Father decided on those plans before he made the universe. 

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