Who is Jesus?

Some people have said that Jesus never existed. However, four well-preserved documents show that they are wrong. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John wrote independent accounts with different purposes for their audiences describing the history of Jesus’ life and ministry.

Other people describe Jesus as just a good, well-meaning, human teacher. However, the problem with that idea is that because he claimed that he was God, either he was mentally-ill, needing therapy, or he was indeed God. His many amazing miracles and his rising from death to permanent life–all seen by eyewitnesses–backed up his claim to be God. 

Still others (Jehovah’s Witnesses) claim that he was a spirit-being whom God created as less than divine. The Apostle John, in the first chapter of his gospel, refutes this wrong idea by saying that the Word, who later became Jesus, was God and was with God before he made anything. That is, he had the same substance with the Father and faced him.

One final group (the Mormons) says that Jesus is God, that the Father is God, and the Holy Spirit is God but that they aren’t one God, the way the Bible says they are. In fact, they say that we can become Gods too by being really good followers of their faith. No, the Bible always makes a clear distinction between our Creator and us as his creations.  

Furthermore, many people deny the Bible’s description that Jesus was and is fully God and fully human. They either go one way or the other in their descriptions. The truth is not either/or; it’s both. 

Yes, Jesus as the second Person of God is mysteriously one with the Father but a different Person. In addition, it’s a mystery how he can be both God and human, not half-and-half. However, God’s divine nature is so far beyond my human reasoning as my Creator that I am able to submit my logic to his revealing of himself as my mysterious, yet revealed God.  

Now, we understand a little more who wants to lead us on the path he has enabled believers to follow toward resurrection perfection. Join me in following the completely-worthy Jesus!

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